08: Looking Like A Specialist#

The moment after you decide to specialize your business, nothing changes and everything changes. Nothing at all in the physical world changes – there hasn’t been enough time for those changes to show up – but the future course of your business changes significantly. The first physical change a new specialist will make is in how they communicate to the market about their business.

  • You want to be both clear, distinctive, and memorable. Too much striving for clarity can confuse and reduce memorability tho.

    • Places to be memorable

      • Web site

      • Your network

      • Social media/LinkedIn

      • Anywhere you do pro-bono education work

  • Credibility

    • You do not have to be a total purist about what work you accept. Too much dilution, though, delays getting to the point where you’ve “seen it all”

  • Useful formats

    • I help X accomplish/solve Y

    • Bland category + spicy POV

    • X for Y